Yolanda Soler Onis (Comillas, 1964). Writer and journalist, she has a PhD in Hispanic Philology and a postgraduate degree in Direction and Management of SMEs. Between 1986 and 1995 she was a cultural manager and journalist in different media in the Canary Islands. Since then she has worked in the field of spreading the Spanish language and culture, first for the Menéndez Pelayo International University and since 2005 at the Cervantes Institute, as director of the headquarters in Manchester, Warsaw, Marrakech and Beirut, a task that was recognized in 2014 with the award of the Official Cross of the Order of Civil Merit. In 2017, the Government of Chile awarded her the “Gabriela Mistral” Order of Teaching and Cultural Merit.

In 1986 she received the José Hierro Poetry and City of La Laguna de Novela awards, with Sobre el ámbar (About amber) and Té con miel (A time of tea with honey), and in 2002 the Tristana Prize for Novel with Malpais. She has also published other books of poems, among which are Nombres ajenos (Foreign names), Botania, Mudanzas (Removals) and De los ríos oscuros (Of the dark rivers); as well as the anthologies Memoria del agua (Memory of the water) and Memoria del agua y otros poemas (Memory of the water and other poems). She is the author of different works related to the teaching of Language and Literature, such as José Hierro para niños (José Hierro for children), and José Hierro: Geografía mítica (José Hierro: Mythical Geography) and Hierro: “La biografía de un pájaro se resume en su canto”. Una poética confirmada (José Hiero: “The biography of a bird is summed up in its singing.” A confirmed poetics).