Ars Poetica

I believe in poetry as the illumination of that which is unseen, as the hollow or the reverse of the world. In the precise word that flutters and flies away from the darkness. In the word comet, in the word lightning as a first cousin of babble; that which is the beginning and the end of memory, that which allows us to access the world through words in childhood and to recover it, thanks to them, in old age.

I believe in absence, in loss, as an inevitable condition of writing. In the vision of those who inhabit the shore, the boundary, and perceive the journey as a sign of identity, as a state of consciousness.

I pursue another measure of things. To evoke. To stimulate. A poem that transcends the boundaries of the verbal; the one that is recreated, after the reading has finished, in the imagination or the memory of an accomplice reader.

Translated by Richard Bueno Hudson